Guild Facility

Guild Facility

Guild Facility

More info (item list/ facility level requirement):
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  1. ≥ Level 3 Guild Level
  2. 20 Emperium [华丽水晶]

Note: Guild leader/vice-leader can talk to Cat Butler and spend 20 Emperium [华丽水晶] to unlock door to facility.

Type of Facility:

  1. Incredible Vending Machine[不可思议贩卖机]:

    Buy Rough Mithril[秘银原石], Card Praying Pack[祈祷卡片包]. Upgrade facility to unlock more items.
  2. Black Cat Cafe[黑猫咖啡厅]:

    Use [团结之证] to purchase GVG consumable items.
    More info (item list/ facility level requirement):
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  3. Weird Cat Box[奇异猫砂盆]:

    Use Shiny Marble[闪亮的弹珠] to randomly obtain Zeny, Poring Coin, Contribution point.
  4. Magical Sewing Machine[魔法缝纫机]:

    Can Sew/Refine[缝纫·加固] Shield, Cloak, Armor & Shoes.
    Can Mithril refine[秘银精炼] for headgear.

Note: Build and upgrade facility to receive different function/rewards

Facility rewards
– According to facility level, rewards will be giving to all guild member.

Building procedure
– Can only build/upgrade 1 facility at a time.
– Guild member can go to the new facility and give material to complete the facility and receive contribution point.
– Guild member have daily give limit. After each material contribution, next contribution will need more material.