Game Maintenance (23th Jan)

Game Maintenance (23th Jan)

Game Maintenance (23th Jan)

Time: 23th Jan ( previous night – 7am, GMT+8)


1 Adventurer Coin【冒险家硬币】, 1 Food Bento【暖心料理】,1 Chain Laeding【锁链雷锭】

2 Adventurer Coin【冒险家硬币】, 30 Gacha Coupon·I [B格猫福利券·I】, 30 Gacha Coupon·Feast [B格猫福利券·宴], 2 Chain Laeding【锁链雷锭】, 2 Food Bento【暖心料理】

New Content

  1. Price adjustment on Black Cat Cafe items.
    – True Sight Syrup [真视糖浆] = 150 Proof of Unity
    – Hiding Syrup [隐匿糖浆] = 70 Proof of Unity
    – Marin Candy/ Magmaring Candy/ Drops Candy/ Naughty Poring Candy = 70 Proof of Unity
  2. Guild weapon – artifact full quest available now.
    – Legendary Smelting House built.
    – Guild storage have some weapon – artifact pieces.
    Then guild leader/vice can receive quest from NPC -[裴恩希因]
  3. [爱与勇气·2018] fashion headgear available now.
  4. King Poring [Card Advanced Customize 高级定制] will no longer display event card that has ended.


18 Bug fixed.

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