Pet Labor/ Working Area List

Pet Labor/ Working Area List

Pet Labor/ Working Details

Send pet to work via [Pet Working Teleport-er] in inventory.
Cannot be store in shared storage & cannot trade in Auction.

Requirement to use Pet [Labor Traveling Machine]:

  1. Any pet reach Intimacy Level 5
  2. Pet Base Level 45


  1. At beginning, 1 Game account can only send pet to work maximum in 2 work place.
  2. Pet need to have Intimacy Level 5 to work.
  3. Pet working skill, intimacy level and base level will affect working efficiency. The higher the working efficiency, the lesser the time require for the pet to finish work.

Increase maximum work place +1 by:

  1. Activate monthly VIP card.
  2. Learning Adventurer Skill [Pro Worker – 打工达人] (Require Adventurer Rank D)
  3. Learning Adventurer Skill [Pro Master- 打工大师] (Require Adventurer Rank B)

So total you can send pet to 5 different work place at a time, after you unlock the above requirements.

Pet Working Area List

Work Area Requirement Reward Recommended Pet
Cooking Center
Pet Level 70

Character Base Level 70

Every 30 mins receive 1 Adventure Ball.
Petite, White Dog·Amaterasu, Poring
Item Shop
Pet Level 45 Every 50 mins receive 1 Gift Box.
Gift Box contain random item.
(Emperium, Chain Laeding, Rank A Food, Rank B Food, Base Potion, Job Potion, normal monster material, consumable)

Dancing Dragon·Nian, Lunatic
Kafra Co.
Pet Level 45

Use/ Activate monthly VIP Card

Every 60 mins receive 1 Gift Box.
Gift Box contain random item.
(B Cat Coupon, Fantasy Card·Silver, Dye, Kafra Storage/Teleport Coupon, Cat Mercenary Coupon, Mora Coin, Proof of Faith, Equipment crafting material, Accessory crafting material)

Baphomet Jr, Yoyo
Pet Association
Pet Level 50

Activate 5 Pet in Adventurer Book
(Capture 5 Pet)

Every 60 mins receive 1 Gift Box.
Gift Box contain random item.
(Rainbow Shell, Pet EXP Pot)

Deviruchi, Desert Wolf Baby
Food Association
Pet Level 55

Reach Chef Level 6

Every 35 mins receive 1 Gift Box.
Gift Box contain random item.
(Any star food, food material)

Smile Assistance
Pet Level 50

Activate 5 headgear fashion in Adventurer Book
(Craft 5 headgear fashion)

Every 40 mins receive 1 Poring Coin.
Pet Level 60

Reach Rank C Adventurer

Every 45 mins receive 1 Gift Box.
Gift Box contain random item.
(Guild contribution, Proof of Glory)

Black Cat·K, Sohee
Pet Level 70

Reach Rank D Adventurer

Every 35 mins receive 2 Battle Token.
Check Battle Token usage here ←

Savage Babe


Each pet will have new working skill. (Skill Level is random)
Refresh pet working skill by resting the pet in egg form and summon it out again.

Each pet have different working skill. Check the recommended pet for each work station at list above!

Pet Working Efficiency

Increase pet intimacy to level 5, 8 & 10 to increase pet working efficiency (reduce working time).

Pet Intimacy Level Reduced Work Time
Poring 5/8/10 1%/1%/3%
Lunatic 5/8/10 1%/1%/3%
Yoyo 5/8/10 1%/2%/5%
Savage Babe 5/8/10 1%/2%/5%
Desert Wolf Baby 5/8/10 2%/5%/10%
Dancing Dragon·Nian 5/8/10 5%/10%/20%
Mandragon 5/8/10 5%/10%/20%
Sohee 5/8/10 10%/20%/40%
Deviruchi 5/8/10 10%/20%/40%
Petite 5/8/10 10%/20%/40%
Baphomet Jr 5/8/10 10%/20%/40%
Black Cat·K 5/8/10 10%/20%/40%
White Dog·Amaterasu 5/8/10 10%/20%/40%
Isis 5/8/10 10%/20%/40%