EP4.0 [Sky Dream] – Sneak Peek 

EP4.0 [Sky Dream] – Sneak Peek 

EP4.0 [Sky Dream] – Sneak Peek

Official Chinese Post: Link ←

Release Date: 22nd May 2018

New Map


New 3rd Job

All current job in game will have 3rd job.

Cleric Branch:Arch Bishop,Shura

Thief Branch:Guillotine Cross,Shadow Chaser

Swordsman Branch:Rune Knight,Royal Guard

Magician Branch:Warlock

Archer Branch:Ranger

Merchant Branch:Mechanic,Genetic

Requirement for 3rd job:

  1. Complete 2nd trans. job
  2. Job reach level 70

Job Exchange

EP4.0 will release job exchange function.

Meet certain requirement to unlock job exchange function.
Requirement is unknown currently, more info will be posted when available.

Base Level, Aesir Monument and Goddess prayer will remain after job exchange.

Player will need to level from 2nd trans job level.

Player profile saving will also be introduce.

Profile saving will save stats point, skill and equipment info.


Job Cloth Color Changing


  1. Reach 3rd job

Developer plan to have 16 color to choose from.

Sample color:

4 Dungeon

♠神谕副本 – Oracle Dungeon

♥卡普拉保卫战 – Kafra Defense Battle

♣MVP竞争 – MVP Tournament

♦GVG巅峰决战 = GVG Final Battle

Note: Follow Chinese name for accuracy.


神谕副本 – Oracle Dungeon is available now. Difficulty will be reduce on EP4.0 release.

MVP竞争 – MVP Tournament is currently testing in Test Server.

卡普拉保卫战 – Kafra Defense Battle will have mysterious exclusive maid.

GVG巅峰决战 = GVG Final Battle rewards will include Hat of Sun God.



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