New Ragnarok (Tencent)

New Ragnarok (Tencent)

New Ragnarok (Tencent)

Release Date: TBA

Language: Chinese

New Ragnarok mobile game video was release on Tencent Weibo on 2nd August 2018. It was also announced at Tencent Mobile Games 5th Anniversary Celebration & New Product Launch.

Official Video from Tencent

Video Link ←

Game have similar 3D graphic to current RO-Eternal Love by XinDong. Prontera, Geffen and Izlude Town is shown in video.

High freedom level for character growth.

Character have animation for different surrounding environment (day/night/hot/cold).

Different weather – rain, thunder & etc.



Party system, Dungeon, Boss, 20 player PVP

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