EP5.0 [Midnight/ Black Party]

EP5.0 [Midnight/ Black Party]

EP5.0 [Midnight/ Black Party]


Official Chinese Post: Link

New Map, Monster, Job, Max. Character/ Mentor Level

Release Date (China Server): 26th September 2018

Release Date (SEA Server): 24th July 2019

New Map 

【Niflheim 尼夫海姆

【The Hazy Maze Forest 雾之森林

【Skellington 斯凯领顿

【Hamelin 哈默林

【Hvergelmir 赫瓦格密尔

【Umbala 汶巴拉

New Monster

Loli Ruri 银月魔女

【MVP – Lord of Death 死灵骑士

【Bloody Murderer 嗜血怪人

【Wolf Grandma 狼外婆

New Main Quest-line

New main quest-line available at Niflheim.

Receive quest at Ghost Inn- NPC – Wallace 华莱士.

Requirement: Character Level 105

New Job

【Bard – Clown – Minstrel 诗人-搞笑艺人-宫廷乐师 

【Sage – Professor – Sorcerer 贤者-智者-元素使

【Dancer – Gypsy – Wanderer 舞娘-冷艳舞姬-漫游舞者

New Maximum Character Level Cap: Level 120

New Mentor Requirement Level: Level 90

New GVG area – 青林湖泊3 & 露依纳3

  1. Arbor 3 青林湖泊3 – Produce Sage Artifact and shards.
  2. Neuschwanstein 3 露依纳3 – Produce Bard & Dancer Artifact and shards.


New 6-Man PVP Mode

6-Man PVP Mode:

  1. Ranking Mode
  2. Normal/ Relax Mode

Requirement: Character Level 90


Need character Level 90 to enter matchmaking. If the party doesn’t have 6 players, system will randomly assign player into team.

Normal/ Relax Mode is available all day, player can practice and experience 6-Man PVP Mode.

Ranking Mode available at every Saturday 2pm – 12am.
*Awaiting more info on ranking rules and rewards. Stay tune at rierin.com!

Draft/ Planing Season 1 Ranking Reward

Noted: One of the rewards which is still in planing stage.

New Pet Fusion & Pet Fashion Change

Pet Fusion


  1. Character Level 10
  2. Complete Pet Capturing Quest
  3. Obtain Pet Handbook 【宠物手册】

Pet Handbook 【宠物手册】

Use Pet Handbook 【宠物手册】to access Pet info and Pet Fusion

Total 25 Pets available now!

25 Pets includes 15 pet that can be capture and 10 pet that can only be obtain from Pet Fusion.

Pet Fashion Change

Each pet will have 1-5 fashion part. Player can mix and match pet fashion to change pet appearances!

Ain’t those prawn look yummy♥!

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