Ragnarok Mobile CBT – (Tencent)

Ragnarok Mobile CBT – (Tencent)

Ragnarok Mobile CBT – (Tencent)


CBT Testing Date: 22nd Oct – 6th Nov 2018

CBT Qualification: First come first serve, registration will be close after reaching limit. (Not sure about the limit.)

Server: Only 1 server/channel currently, Prontera.

Character Slot: 2 Slot

Language: Chinese

App Download Link: https://www.taptap.com/app/145291

Method: QQ & WeChat

System: Android Only

All character and data will be wiped after CBT. CBT available on Android only. No VPN needed to play the game.

No official release date OBT announcement yet. Stay Tune!

App Size:

Version: 0.122.0

Date: 23rd October 2018

Login Interface

WeChat Login on the left, QQ Login on the right. (If you don’t have QQ account, WeChat is recommended, QQ sign up is complicated.)

Classic RO music at login screen! ❤️

Character Creation

This interface allow you to select your gender, hairstyle and some facial customization only. Name your character in-game.

Click bottom right button to begin your RO journey!


2 type of control are available, double wheel mode and click mode. You can always choose either one and change at settings later.


In Game

A very classic RO feel, where your character start at the bridge!

The first quest is to name your character. Talk to the girl beside the bridge.

(Click on quest to auto route to quest NPC)

Enter your character name at this RO Adventurer Application, and click “Done”.

As stated in the picture, there will be 6 main job branch available.

Interface Translation

There is some skill you can use already, skill First Aid and skill Play Dead!

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