Beginner Guide and Info

Beginner Guide and Info

Beginner Guide & Info

Welcome to Ragnarok Online Mobile – Eternal Love!

Ragnarok Eternal Love Mobile (SEA version) has release OBT on 31st October 2018!

Do all the quest. Red color ! quest is main story line. You will get stuck on main story as you level, it’s normal. So doing green quest and sideline quest help out your leveling.


When you just started the game at Prontera South Gate!

  1. Do all the quest at starting map, Prontera South Gate. You’ll get first aid skill from quest, so don’t skip quest at Prontera South Gate!
  2. After doing all quest at Prontera South Gate, you should reach character base level 10, then head to Prontera, north portal of Prontera South Gate map.
  3. Get your Growth Pack from Miu. (Amazing reward for each character base 10 level. Example: Skill Reset Rod.)
  4. Follow your main quest and tour around Prontera and unlock [Camera] and some explanation of Kafra services!
  5. Then head to Adventure Hall to 1st job change! (Required: Base Level 10, Job Level 10)
    For new beginner that do not have Ragnarok game knowledge.
    Please check All Job Skill page for available job and skill.
    Everybody is novice at the start. You can then job change 1 of the 6 job available.

    Novice -> 1st job (Acolyte, Magician, Swordman, Archer, Thief, Merchant)

    For each 1st job some will branch out to 2 type of 2nd job.
    For example: You choose Acolyte, for 2nd job you can either choose Priest or Monk.
    Note: As of date 16th Nov 2018, 2nd job Sage and Bard/Dancer is not available in SEA Server.

  6. Receive your Adventurer Handbook from this NPC after job change. (He’s just located next to the Adventure Hall entrance portal at Prontera.)
  7. Finish the Adventurer Handbook quest to unlock it. You’ll get 1 auto battle slot after finishing this quest.
  8. Buy another 1 auto battle slot at Adventurer Skill NPC.

    Note: You only have 1 Adventure Skill Point now.
  9. There are many useful Adventurer skill available. Example: More auto battle slot! Increase bag slot.
    Adventurer Skill List ←
  10. Check this guide on tips for leveling Adventurer Skill Level.
    Adventurer Skill Leveling Guide ←
  11. Start your Adventurer in Midgard!

So after finish above mentioned quest, you’ll have 3 auto battle slot! Remember to get your Adventurer Handbook first!

Get your Assistant!

Assistant unlock at character base level 20.

Assistant button will appear at top of your game screen when you reach base level 20. Click to route to Prontera Palace to hire 1 assistant. Prontera Palace can be access at Prontera north portal.

There’ll be 2 assistant available for hire. The different is just the appearance.

Complete quest listed at assistant panel to increase assistant intimacy. Intimacy is reset daily at 5am (GMT+7).

Click on assistant to collect rewards when you reach the intimacy requirement.

Don’t miss out these amazing rewards!

Finance tab give an overview of recent price changes of item in Exchange.

Equipment Guide:

There are several to make your equipment strong! Most player will craft equipment during end-game.

Crafting equipment is costly. Everything about nice, strong and awesome equipment is very EXPENSIVE in this game, due to the material need to craft and upgrade.


  1. Upgrade
  2. Refine
  3. Enhance
  4. Enchant
  5. Card Socket

More details about Equipment is in this post. ←

Get You Pet! Free Poring pet from quest.

1. Unlock Pet

Unlock Pet function requirement: Adventure Rank F. Just finish the unlock pet quest to get a free Poring pet.

Unlock pet and pet adventure full quest guide ←

2. Capture Pet

Pet can join you in battle, send to adventure or send to labor. You can own multiple, but can only hatch/ summon 1 pet to battle at a time.

Pet Capturing Location List ←

3. Send Pet on Pet Adventure

You can send pet to pet adventure via [Pet Adventure Guide] item in your bag.

Beware pet adventure consume your stamina.
For each adventure, they will be a recommended pet or requirements, match that requirement to get that Rare Adventure Chest.

Note: Raccoon Leaf is in that Adventure Chest! Raccoon Leaf is a MINI boss drop that is need to rank up Adventure Rank.

4. Send Pet to Labor

You can send pet to labor via [Labor Traveling Machine] item in your bag.

Each labor location give different rewards. And as your intimacy increase, pet work more efficiently.
By default Item Shop is open! Send your pet to labor.

Note: Item Shop have chance to get Emperium.

Pet Labor working area list (with listed rewards and recommend pet )←

Maximize Your Damage Output

Maximize your damage output with:

  1. Buff food (purchase from NPC)
  2. Element Converter
  3. Cooked Food

Tips: Use Lightning Chain to save your buff food cost.

✨Attack Converter Item List✨
Include: Element Table 👻

✨Buff Food List✨

✨Cooking Recipe List✨


Unlock Pet function requirement: Adventure Rank F

Another way to buff your character! Cook and eat the meal yourself, share it with anyone and even pet!

Unlock Cooking quest guide and starting NPC location.←


2 type of reset, daily and weekly reset.

Daily reset (5am, GMT+7):

  1. Mission Board

    Receive maximum 10 quest from Mission Board daily. Mission Board reset daily at 5am, GMT+7.
  2. Rift
    Receive rift quest from NPC – Rift Monitor at Prontera. (NPC is just next to the Mission Board at Prontera.)

    Maximum 5 rift reward per day. Any extra rift participation will have no reward.
    Party up with friends or guild mates to get Friendship Proof.
    Rift Quest and Drop List
  3. Monster Resistance

    Required: Character Base Level 22 to unlock.
    Each day you’ll get 2 monster resistance attempt. If you don’t use it. It can maximum stack/store up to 6 attempt.
    Get quest from Monster Watcher. And fight any monster to receive x10 EXP per monster. Remember to pass quest back to Monster Watcher!
  4. Get Free Food
    Find Food Merchant at any town to get free food! You can claim 1 Warm Dish daily for free. If you’re a premium monthly character, you can Claim The Haute Meal!
  5. Daily 300 minutes stamina limit!
    Stamina & Fatigue Guide ←
  6. Music Player/ Recorder – Increase 60 mins stamina!
    Listen music and increase your daily stamina.

    Music Recorder Guide ←
  7. Guild Donation
    Material required for guild donation is reset daily.

Weekly reset (5am, GMT+7):

  1. Endless Tower
    Required: Character Base Level 52 to unlock.
    Location: Access from Izlude – NPC – Captain.

    You can crafting material from Endless Tower. Party up and challenge the tower. For each 10 floor, there will be 1 MVP.
  2. Valhalla Ruins – guild dungeon

Monthly stuff~

  1. Recharge – Monthly Premium
  2. Fantasy Generator I
    Will have new fashion from time to time~!
    Take note of the discount period.


  1. B Cat Coin usage
    Allow player to give gift from Exchange (Auction) to other online friends.
    Exchange Gifting guide ←
  2. Ambrose and Tammi full quest guide. (Stone Sword & Oil painting location)
    Day and Night Lover quest guide ←
  3. How to check item drop.
    Guide Link ←
  4. Card Slot
    Link ←
  5. Goblin★– Dumber Ray Gun Quest Guide
  6. Naughty Chowee / Chang Huei Payon Hairstyle Quest
    NPC – Chowee Location ←
  7. Equipment Refinement
    EQ refinement

Googlesheet with Rierin RO:M Eternal Love guide and info link list ←

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