2nd Anniversary Official Live Stream Translated Content – EP 6.0

2nd Anniversary Official Live Stream Translated Content – EP 6.0

2nd Anniversary Official Live Stream Translated Content

Ragnarok Online Mobile – Eternal Love (China)

Official Info Link (Chinese): https://bbs.xd.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=3325186

Live Stream Date: 18th January 2019, 8pm – 9.30pm (GMT+8)


(I’ll just list out important info in point form 😀 )

Part 1

19th January 2019 is 2nd anniversary for Ragnarok Online Mobile – Eternal Love (China).
Previous episode released.

– 13 job branch available now. I heard something about Super Novice… xD (not much was reveal for Super Novice.)

– Other race will be included.

Merchant trading is currently available even though the logic behind is hard to implement.


Part 2 Originality (Compare with Classic RO)

– Adventurer Handbook with collection system.

– New Story plot and character.

– Content & Quest

– Pet Combination

– KFC Event/ Collaboration Event

– New Event that changes Ragnarok World from time to time.


Part 3 Research

– Ragnarok – Eternal Love update patch have been large, but it is necessary to provide the important content. Mostly the large part of data consists of graphic.

– New costume & headgear available monthly.

– Free costume are added. (Some are not in-game yet.)

– Optimization on character and map graphic. Redo graphic in-progress to provide HD version.

– High research cost.

Part 4 Preserve IP

… Ragnarok is a famous IP (Intellectual Property)…. promote and protect it!

Part 5 New Content

New content in a picture! Some are in-progress.

– Comodo, Turtle Island, Nameless Island, Cheshrumnir – Rachel, Ghost Palace

– City private housing

– Doram Race

– Global GVG Battle

– Rainbow Bridge

– Banquet for Heroes

– Multi-player mount

– Revival of Morroc

– Ninja & Gunslinger job

Part 6

– Player can submit artwork for developer to place it in-game. Related event with rewards will be available soon.

Part 7 New Content at Prontera South Gate

1. New Train at Prontera South Gate.
– Can be ride and interact with.

2. New Cat House at Prontera South Gate
– Start out with no cat, as player progress in game and quest, more cat will stay in the cat tree house!

3. Some interesting NPC animation across the map, making the whole Ragnarok world more alive.

4. Job Grahpic/ Appearance optimization & New Job Appearance

– Some player mentioned they liked the classic RO character appearance, they will work on it.

5. The latest High Heaven Blessing costume have received good feedback with the new floating animation.

Story Plot

Research of story plot is done by referring to classic Ragnarok and adding new elements . What is available after “Black Party” story?

Newest story plot, not much was reveal, just a short clip.

EP 6.0

1. New 2 Story Quest

2. 12 Player Dungeon (Thanatos Tower)

  •  Group Dungeon
  • 12 player
  • new Boss with complex mechanic (even with high gear players will need to understand mechanics to pass the dungeon).

  • Thanatost Tower Area 1 will be available soon (at China server).
  • Defeat the goddess, earn YingLing Temple [英灵殿] acknowledgement, goddess ultimate reward will be bestow on Adventurer!

3. Housing System

  • Big project
  • Player can place, upgrade and interact.
  • Exterior of housing, interior are still in-progress.

New Server (Parallel Server)

Release Date: Spring 2019

At initial release of game, they mention about global server where everybody across the globe can player together. This is still their aim.

Will have new server soon, but new rules will be apply to considerate old player welfare.

Some new server function will be separated into independent and sharing. Competitive element will be separated from old server.

Ragnarok Theme Song [Concert/Symphony?]

Symphony Concert planning in-progress. New song will be included.
No actual date released yet.
Location: Shanghai & Guangzhou

New Collaboration

New collaboration soon with ? (not announce, but mention collaboration partner is well known.)

Player Question and Answer Session

  1. Will there be multi-player mount?
    Yes, in-progress.
  2. More weather system.
    Yes, in-progress.
  3. More group game-play.
    Will continue to add.
  4. Include more classic Ragnarok map.
    If got chance, will make and release it with story progression. A lot of consideration will be done on whether the map is suitable.
  5. In-game reporting
    Will take in suggestion.
  6. Event too many.
    Will optimize event frequency.

Note: Live stream content and gift are from RO – Eternal Love China Server.