EP6.0 [Light & Shadow Capital]

EP6.0 [Light & Shadow Capital]

EP6.0 [Light & Shadow Capital]

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Episode 6.0 Updates

  1. Increase Base Level Cap 130
  2. New Job Level Cap & Shared Skill
  3. New Armor Enchants
  4. New Equipment Upgrade & Enchants
  5. New Rune System

Story progression (Survive & Destruction Final Chapter, Lighthalzen, Mysterious Research Facility), Super Novice, All Job Mount, 12 Player Dungeon (Thanatos Tower),

Release Date (China Server): 26th June 2019

Rune System

Rune system have 2 type of rune.

  1. Big Rune
  2. Small Rune

Big Rune (Skill Rune)
– Increase job skill damage
– Decrease skill SP consumption, cast time, delay
– Increase some job skill performance
– Increase skill game-play variation
Big/ Skill Rune differentiate into grade S, A, B. Fulfill condition to activate rune.

Small Rune (Stat Rune)
– Increase character basic stat
– Increase attack and defense stat
Small/ Stat Rune consists of Attack Rune, Defense Rune and Benefit Rune.

Sample Skill Rune

【Job – Rune Knight】

Violent Breath Rune
– 【Dragon Breath】, 【Dragon’s Water Breath】 damage + (1%-30%)
– 【Dragon Breath】, 【Dragon’s Water Breath】 deal extra damage to frozen and burning target  + (1%-30%)
– 【Dragon Breath】, 【Dragon’s Water Breath】 accuracy + (1%-30%)

Rierin will create another page to list out all the job runes! Stay tune!

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