B Grade Adventurer Rank Up Guide

B Grade Adventurer Rank Up Guide

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B Grade Adventurer Rank Up Guide

Required: Adventurer Level 30

Required Material:

1 Pearl 
1 Biotite 
1 Time Twister 

Unlock Title Rewards:

Others Rewards:

  1. Unlock New Clothes at Clothes Shop.


1. Receive quest from NPC – Solo Took at North of Payon.

2. Answer question from Solo Took.

Question: What excellent abilities should an excellent adventurer have?
Answer: Collecting Ability (Or any selection)

3. Give 1 Biotite  to Solo Took.

4. Find Kate Somers at North of Prontera.

5. Give 1 Pearl  to Kate Somers
6. Find Fram at Clock Tower 1F.

7. Follow Fram instruction and finish the quests at Clock Tower.

8. Enter magic array to find Christy.

9. Defeat Crazed Christy. (Recommended to fight with party or with healer, Christy hits hard. >.< )

10. Search blueprint on Crazed Christy.

11. Report back to Fram at Clock Tower B1.

12. Head to Kate Somers at Prontera and give blueprint.

13. Report back to Solo Took at Payon.

14. Submit 1 Time Twister  to Solo Took.

16. Talk Solo Took to rank up!

Congratulation! Rank up to  B Grade Adventurer!