World of Dragon Nest (Early Access)

World of Dragon Nest (Early Access)

World of Dragon Nest (Early Access)

Release Date: TBA (2nd half of 2019)

Language: English

CBT Date: 1st August 2019 – 7th August 2019 

  • PVP test : 6th – 7th Aug 2019
  •  Cash Shop test : 6th – 7th Aug 2019

CBT is opened to all. No pre-registration required.

System: Android Only

2 Server: CBT 1 & CBT 2

Login Method: Facebook, Google & Guest

All character and data will be wiped after CBT. CBT available on Android only.

No official release date OBT announcement yet, but it’s expected to release in the second half of 2019. Stay Tune!

Download Links


Google Playstore: Link←

App Size:

Version: –

Date: 2nd August 2019

Size: 2.26GB

Game Info

Open world MMORPG

4 Job Available
(All job available in both gender.)

Mount System
(Different mount provide different passive stats and movement speeds.)

World of Dragon Nest have auto routing and auto killing monster. But player will still need to accept quest, complete gathering quest manually.

Dungeon can be set to auto battle but player will need to dodge boss skill manually. Or get stun!
(There are solo and party dungeon. Solo dungeon with daily limit and party dungeon require ticket to enter. Ticket can be acquire by farming map monster.)

There are some special story quest that require manual battle.

Player can that like collection can enjoy index system of the game.

Complete by crafting, mining, farming and fishing. Submit required item to index it. And get diamond rewards!

Spa, fishing and farming are available at Saint Haven.

Fishing and farm to obtain materials to craft in production.

If you get tired from battling, come and join the Spa at Saint Haven!

Spa to obtain buff (HP Buff / EXP Buff and etc.)

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