Kafra Premium Card (Next Generation)

Kafra Premium Card (Next Generation)

Kafra Premium Card (New Generation)

Access Premium Card Page at Benefit Icon.

Benefit icon can be found at top right of screen. If you can’t find, click the Blue Poring to expand the bar.

Ways to Activate Premium Card

1. Inventory

Find your premium card in inventory and select blue button to activate.

You can also sell your premium card at the auction, press the green button to check price or sell at auction.

2. At Benefit – Premium Card page.

You can check how many premium card you own currently.

Select the blue button at the bottom of page to activate premium card.

Premium Card Benefit

Each premium card benefit lasts for 30 days.

You can select a total of 8 benefit when activating the card.

  1. Odin Blessing maximum limit increase by 5000.
  2. Pass Envelope will gift extra 2000 point Pass EXP.
  3. Mount Movement Speed +2 point.
  4. OX Q&A have 1 wrong chance.
  5. Increase auction selling slot by 2.
  6. Increase maximum weight by 1000.
  7. Increase vending slot by 1.
  8. At Merchant/ Guild Union (商会), increase item purchase limit by 1.
  9. Increase daily limit of (Crystal exchange to Diamond) by 500.
  10. Increase login attempt by 4.

Confirm Premium Card Activation

Be sure not the activate premium card again if you have 2 in inventory.

You can change the 8 benefit again after activate the premium card for 1 time.


CBT 2 have 1 free premium card in mail. Go collect it!