RO Tactics

RO Tactics

Ragnarok Tactics

Idle and Tactics game with famous IP- Ragnarok.

Game Details

Download from Google Play or TapTap.

Google Play:


Release Date: Nov 2019


  1. English
  2. Thai

App Size: 536MB (Version 1.1.4)

Login Method

  1. Facebook
  2. Google
  3. Guest

Server/ Channel: A lot…


Hatch RO monster with Egg Gacha System

Player can get 1 free gacha attempt. (CD 1 hour)

Egg and Essence Gacha attempt require $$. (Player begin with 3 monster, it’s sufficient to progress thru the stages!)

Idle monster battle system

  • Get reward even though you’re offline.
  • Get addition 10% reward if you’re online.

Power up monster with

  1. Level Up
  2. Evolve
  3. Equipment
  4. Essence
  5. Gem

Challenge stages

  • To progress thru the map of Midgard.
  • Battle MVP.

Stages are tactical game with familiar rock-paper-scissor element.

Player can drag skill on screen to fight monsters. (Or use the Auto function.)

Speed up battle x2 unlock after level 30.

Guild system, Arena and etc will unlock as you level up.

✨A fun casual idle + tactics game with Ragnarok monster!✨