How To Reset Adventurer Skill Point

How To Reset Adventurer Skill Point Required item: Forgotten Water Used ZENY will be returned~! (Effective after 6th April Game Maintenance) Obtain Guide 1. Buy from Event NPC Shop Using Forgotten Water Guide Go to Adventurer Skill NPC. Talk to Adventurer Skill NPC. Select the Reset Adventurer Skill Points (1st option) . Required to have Forgotten Water in your … Read moreHow To Reset Adventurer Skill Point

Adventurer Skill Translation

Adventurer Skill Translation NPC Location: Prontera Learn and reset your Adventurer Skill at above NPC. OBT Adventurer Skill Translation (Updated Date: 12th May 2017)   Skill Translation Required Skill Point Requirement Zeny   Unlock 1 auto battle skill slot. 1 None 1,000   Hold hand with party member player. 2 None 10,000   Learn to … Read moreAdventurer Skill Translation