Hairstyle Quest – Payon

Hairstyle Quest Location: Payon Quest Name: 狐狸小玉 Unlocked: Payon Hairstyle Freezing Trap Hairstyle(M), Ruwach Hairstyle(F) Requirement: Character Lv60 Quest Guide: Start quest at Junn the Alcoholic NPC. Follow the quest indicated and talk to NPC. Bring 1 Food Bento to Kim Nian. Talk again. Find Chang Huei NPC. Note: Naught Chowee NPC will have no … Read moreHairstyle Quest – Payon

Hairstyle List

Hairstyle List (Click town name below to access different town hairstyle!) Prontera← Geffen← Morroc & Payon & GH← Prontera Hairstyle NPC Location Hairstyle Name Unlocked Requirement Zeny Location 十年的陪伴发型 10 years of fellowship Hairstyle – 10k Prontera 后退回避发型 Back Slide Hairstyle – 2k Prontera 治愈术发型 Heal Hairstyle Complete Prontera Sewer Lv10 Quest 秘密之翼任务 10k Prontera 冥想发型 … Read moreHairstyle List

New Spring Hairstyle

New Spring Hairstyle New spring hairstyle from game maintenance content update 21st March. New hairstyle NPC available at Geffen, Morroc and Payon. Hairstyle NPC Location   Geffen Hairstyle Name Unlocked Requirement Zeny Location 天使之力发型 Signum Crusis Hairstyle – 2k Geffen 暖心料理发型 Bento Hairstyle Complete Geffen Dungeon Lv74 Quest 宝藏线任务 10k Geffen 最爱BABY发型 Favourite BABY Hairstyle … Read moreNew Spring Hairstyle