Mechanic Skill

Mechanic (3rd Job) Skill Translation Created Date: 24th October 2018 Magic Gear License Type Active Max Lv 5 Target – Range 0m Description Learn to use Mado Gear. When controlling Mado Gear, increase 30 PATK, decrease 40 AGI, Movement speed -20%, cannot be heal, cannot receive Movement speed buff and debuff. Mado Gear active for … Read moreMechanic Skill

Shadow Chaser Skill

Shadow Chaser (3rd Job) Skill Translation Created Date: 11th October 2018 Magic Trap Type Active Max Lv 10 Target Area Range 6m Description Summon 1 Magic Trap on floor. Deal (self’s PATK + target’s INT*4) *330% non-elemental physical damage per second to single target in trap. And target in trap will lose 20 Sp per … Read moreShadow Chaser Skill