Adventurer Skill Translation

Adventurer Skill Translation NPC Location: Prontera Learn and reset your Adventurer Skill at above NPC. OBT Adventurer Skill Translation (Updated Date: 12th May 2017)   Skill Translation Required Skill Point Requirement Zeny   Unlock 1 auto battle skill slot. 1 None 1,000   Hold hand with party member player. 2 None 10,000   Learn to … Read moreAdventurer Skill Translation

Adventurer Leveling Guide

Adventurer Leveling Guide Adventurer Rank: Apprentice, Scout, F-Grade Adventurer, E-Grade Adventurer, D-Grade Adventurer, C and so on. How To Check Your Adventurer Level: Check your adventurer level here: Level does not indicated rank, you need to reach certain adventurer level to receive quest in order to increase your rank. Finish the given quest will allow you … Read moreAdventurer Leveling Guide