Blacksmith’s Craft

Blacksmith’s Craft Enchanted Stone Craft Item Description Required Skill Required Materials Common Enchanted Stone Reduce size restraint damage by 50%. Duration 15 mins. Have chance to obtain Maximize Enchanted Stone when crafting. Enchanted Stone Craft Lv5 1 Topaz 1 Fine Sand 1 Black Gemstone 5 Fuel Maximize Enchanted Stone Deal 100% damage to any size … Read moreBlacksmith’s Craft

Glast Heim New Craftable Equipments

Glast Heim New Craftable Equipments Note: Required Material shown are according to Testing Server, there might be adjustment/changes in OBT Server. Equipment Type Description Applicable Jobs Required Materials Arc Armor 言灵护甲  Garment PDEF+25 Reduce received damage from Demon and Undead Type Monster -20% Increase received damage from other Type Monster -20%Unlock Requirement: Lv 80 Poet … Read moreGlast Heim New Craftable Equipments