EP3.5「Sakura Flower Wedding」- White Valentine

EP3.5 [Sakura Flower Wedding] White Valentine Details:  Wedding Registration available on 13rd March 2018 on official server. Wedding Ceremony start on 14th March 2018 (White Valentine Day). Reward: 1. Wedding exclusive skill 2. Exclusive honeymoon room White Valentine Event (Part 1) Event Period : 6th Mar, 5am – 13th Mar, 5am Event Activity Event Period … Read moreEP3.5「Sakura Flower Wedding」- White Valentine

CG (Day Night Lover) – Quest

CG (Day Night Lover) – Quest Official CG-Day Night Lover Video https://v.qq.com/x/page/x0517zqg5qh.html Talk to NPC – Tami at Prontera West Field Chat translation: Recently Tami dreamt about a guy. Don’t think wrongly. In the dream, there was a male stone statue! Standing there timelessly. And then… The sky went dark, even the sun was swallow … Read moreCG (Day Night Lover) – Quest

Lutie Winter Carnival

Lutie Winter Carnival Day I Quest & Item Exchange Info:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEhifaRMC-A Event Period : 21st Dec, 5am – 4th Jan, 5am Event Activity Event Period 1 Christmas Winter Dessert – Sweet Receive Quest: 21st Dec, 5am – 28th Dec, 5am Complete Quest: 21st Dec, 5am – 4th Jan, 5am 2 Christmas Winter Dessert – Protect 21st … Read moreLutie Winter Carnival