Black Cat Cafe – Guild Facility

Black Cat Cafe (Guild Facility) All Facility List info (Click picture below ↓) Details: – Purchase GVG consumable. – Exchange using [Proof of Unity][团结之证] . Note: Get Proof of Unity from [Cat Butler’s Gift][猫管家的赠礼] by building/upgrading guild facility. All item from Black Cat Cafe can only be used in GVG. Cafe Item List  Heart Warming … Read moreBlack Cat Cafe – Guild Facility

Guild Facility

Guild Facility More info (item list/ facility level requirement): (Click picture below ↓) Requirement: ≥ Level 3 Guild Level 20 Emperium [华丽水晶] Note: Guild leader/vice-leader can talk to Cat Butler and spend 20 Emperium [华丽水晶] to unlock door to facility. Type of Facility: Incredible Vending Machine[不可思议贩卖机]: Buy Rough Mithril[秘银原石], Card Praying Pack[祈祷卡片包]. Upgrade facility to … Read moreGuild Facility

Guild Fashion

NPC Location   NPC Selling List Require Nibelungen Fragment[尼伯龙根碎片]  to purchase items. Nibelungen Fragment can be obtained from Guild Dungeon – Vahalla. More info on Guild Dungeon ←   Einherjar-Dead Person Choices Recipe [英灵·亡者抉择] Type: Head Equip Bonus: MaxHP +300, Extra DMG to Undead +5% Storing Bonus: MaxHP +25 Unlock Bonus: MaxHP +15 Required Materials: 800 Solid Shell … Read moreGuild Fashion