GVG Delay & Compensation

GVG Delay & Compensation Official Chinese Post: https://bbs.xd.com/thread-3252667-1-1.html Details: Weekly GVG at Thursday night have black screen bug. No occupy reward will be given for those guild that successfully capture Castle for Thursday night, 18th Jan 2018. Compensation 「B Food Pack」*10、「Novice Food Pack」*10 for player that enter GVG portal & after entering GVG have black … Read moreGVG Delay & Compensation

GVG info

GVG info Time: Every Thursday & Sunday, 8pm – 9pm. How to participate: During GVG, players can enter any City to launch attack. * Guild that broke the deepest “Emperium” in the city will temporary hold that city, and become defender. Player can deal damage to “Emperium” if your guild channel is same as your … Read moreGVG info

Black Cat Cafe – Guild Facility

Black Cat Cafe (Guild Facility) All Facility List info (Click picture below ↓) Details: – Purchase GVG consumable. – Exchange using [Proof of Unity][团结之证] . Note: Get Proof of Unity from [Cat Butler’s Gift][猫管家的赠礼] by building/upgrading guild facility. All item from Black Cat Cafe can only be used in GVG. Cafe Item List  Heart Warming … Read moreBlack Cat Cafe – Guild Facility