Merchant (1st Job) Skill Translation (Next Generation – JunMeng)

Merchant (1st Job) Skill Translation Ragnarok M: Next Generation (Jun Meng) ?? Gold Attack ?? 点金术 Type Active Max Lv 5 Target Single Range 3m Require Hands/ Mace/ 1-Handed Axe/ 2-Handed Axe Description Deal 212% non-elemental physical damage to single target. When using this skill at map, each monster killing give extra 24% Zeny. Skill … Read moreMerchant (1st Job) Skill Translation (Next Generation – JunMeng)

Cooking Material/ Ingredient List

Cooking Material Ingredient List Note: All Cooking NPC located at Royal Cuisine Association, access from Prontera. – Rare Food Material have daily purchase limit. Cooking Recipe List ← Rare Cooking Ingredient Merchant Use  Chef’s Eagle Eye to get cooking material from field monster. Starting from EP5.0, Chef’s Eagle Eye is removed from the game. Food Material … Read moreCooking Material/ Ingredient List