Unlock Cooking Quest Guide

Unlock Cooking Quest Guide Guide on unlocking cooking function. Cooking Recipe List ← Cooking Material List← Requirements: Rank F Adventurer Adventurer Rank Guide here ← Details: Enter Royal Cooking Association from Prontera. Talk to Pizza (the one with green quest icon – Cuisine Temptation). Keep talking to Pizza. Collect 1 Rocker Leg from Rocker using “Chef’s Eagle … Read moreUnlock Cooking Quest Guide

Bard quest

Bard Quest – Kill 300 Unlocked item: Magic Wand-Marin Quest Name: Kabbak (卡巴克) Location: Prontera Quest Guide: Give 5 Fly Wing. Kill 300 Yoyo. Give 30 Jellopy.   Unlocked item: Camouflage Scroll Quest Name: Goodrich (固特伊) Location: Izlude Quest Guide: Give Food Bento. Food list here. Kill 300 Skeleton Give 30 Memento.          

Hairstyle Quest – Payon

Hairstyle Quest Location: Payon Quest Name: 狐狸小玉 Unlocked: Payon Hairstyle Freezing Trap Hairstyle(M), Ruwach Hairstyle(F) Requirement: Character Lv60 Quest Guide: Start quest at Junn the Alcoholic NPC. Follow the quest indicated and talk to NPC. Bring 1 Food Bento to Kim Nian. Talk again. Find Chang Huei NPC. Note: Naught Chowee NPC will have no … Read moreHairstyle Quest – Payon