How To Reset Character Stats Point

How To Reset Character Stats Point Required item: Reset Stone Example of Character Stats Interface Obtain Guide 1. Obtain from Level 30 Growth Pack 【30级成长背包】 2. Level 57 – Payon Quest 3. Buy from Event NPC Shop Using Reset Stone Guide Go to Adventurer Guild Hall. Talk to the NPC on top right of the map. Select … Read moreHow To Reset Character Stats Point


Enchantment【附魔】 Level: 1. Low Level Enchantment 【初级附魔】 2. Mid Level Enchantment 【中级附魔】 3. High Level Enchantment 【高级附魔】 Note: Different level of enchantment have different costs and stats given You’re required to finish quest from the Enchantment NPC to gain higher level enchantment functions. Sample quest: Translation: Advancement – Mid Level Enchantment! Pass 5 Mora/Mola Coin Location: Geffen High … Read moreEnchantment【附魔】Guides