EP Update: [Doram Summoner]

EP Update: [Doram Summoner]

EP: [Doram Summoner]

Game: RO – Eternal Love (XinDong) CN

EP Release Date: 31st October 2019

Official Post Link (Chinese): https://www.xd.com/games/single/7486


1. New Class


Cute Appearance and strong support skill.

How to create Doram:

If you’re a new player, you can select Doram at class selection screen.

Or you can exchange to Doram at Multi-Job feature.

2. New Map


  • The Plain of Ida
  • Ice Cave
  • Holy Ground

After Prontera and Yuno map, player can now explore Rachel map.

3. New Poring

  • Marin
  • Stapo

4. New Monster (Rachel Map)

Eerie ghost type monster spawning at new Rachel field maps!

5. New schedule

Every Tuesday: Poring War, etc…

Every Thursday: GVG

Every Friday: MVP Battle

New schedule will reduce weekly activity.

6. New Dungeon 

Cake Defense Battle [蛋糕保卫战], offers new game-play and plenty of sweet rewards.