Unlock Pet Adventure Quest Guide

Unlock Pet Adventure Quest Guide Guide to unlock pet adventure guidebook. Tips: Send pets to adventurer to obtain Rainbow Shell [七彩贝壳]  Requirement: Finish Unlock Poring Pet Quest ← Talk to Agnes at Prontera South Field.   Select 1st option, to proceed. You will need 1 pet reach Level 3 intimacy. For beginner pet owner, just use … Read moreUnlock Pet Adventure Quest Guide

Pet Capturing Location List

Pet Capturing Location List Created Date: 14th September 2017 Tips: Capturing Tools can be obtain from Market, Endless Tower or buy at NPC-Lil Smokie [狸猫小小] at Prontera South Field with Rainbow Shell [七彩贝壳] Pet Location Capturing Tools Poring – Prontera South Field – Lost Forest – Prontera North Field Unripe Apple [青苹果] Lunatic – Prontera … Read morePet Capturing Location List