Eclipse Isle (Pre-Registrations)

Eclipse Isle (Pre-Registrations)

Eclipse Isle (Pre-Registrations)

Game Store Page (TapTap):

  1. Install Taptap ( Free download TapTap APK at bottom right of screen.
  2. Open Taptap – search Eclipse Isle to follow the latest news. Link:

Game Details:

Game: Eclipse Isle Type: Survival, Battle Royale, Anime Style Release Date: 25 July 2019 Language: English/ Chinese Platform: Mobile Developer: NetEase Games Official Website: The game is released! Happy Gaming! 😀 No official announcement on release date yet. Check out/ Follow Rierin Facebook for latest update and news!

Pre-Registration Details

Period: 4th June 2019 – 3rd July 2019 Eligibility: SEA region players Require: Like Eclipse Isle FB Page & Email Address
Pre- Registration Link:


Reach pre-registration milestone to receive rewards when the game is release! Rewards include weapon skin, star coin, crystal and shard.


There were 8 hero available during April CBT (Wiped). There are Melee and Range heroes, each heroes have different ultimate ability. Rumors to have new hero, pirate looking man!

Game Play & Tips

Match type: Solo, Duo and Squad Each round of game start with 60 players. Player will board an airship to enter Eclipse Isle. Choose a desirable spot in map and player can descend to start looking for equipment and items.   Player are recommended to find Black Stone to mine to enable each character’s skills. Some character (Drake) require to mine few Black Stone to enable and level up their character’s skill. Chest and barrel can be open and broken to obtain equipment and items. Monster are found across the map, fight monster to level up and obtain items. Equipment have different grade, purple <- blue <- white. There’s are various items with effects such as Healing, Invisibility, Shield, Energy, Increase Attack and etc. Corn is important to track nearby enemy. Loot bow and arrow to shoot enemy from far away distance. Player can ride horse that are found randomly in map. Food can be cook at cooking pot found at monster camp to increase food effects. Each region will be grey out and survival circle will became smaller as the game progress. The game ends when there’s 1 player/ team left!