How to bind phone number to account

How to bind phone number to account

Guide on binding phone number to account:
(using account)

1. Click on the upper right icon on Start screen

2. Select Account Security

3. Key in details – I’m using account for the guide

4. Select BIND

5. Key in your phone number and password

6. Get the verification code for free, and wait for phone message from

7. Key in the verification code within 30mins of request

8. Remember to find NPC 【安达尔·门佳列(美羽旁)】at Prontera for rewards! 3 Mystery Box and 10,000 zeny and 10yuan voucher

You’ll have the 3rd option once you bind your phone number

Note: Access your account to use the 10 yuan voucher, you need to have more than 10 yuan in your top up history to use the voucher

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