Kafra Premium Card (Next Generation)

Kafra Premium Card (New Generation) Access Premium Card Page at Benefit Icon. Benefit icon can be found at top right of screen. If you can’t find, click the Blue Poring to expand the bar. Ways to Activate Premium Card 1. Inventory Find your premium card in inventory and select blue button to activate. You can … Read moreKafra Premium Card (Next Generation)

ROM: Love At First Sight (Tencent) CBT-Sept 2019

ROM: Love At First Sight (Tencent) CBT-Sept 2019 Official Chinese News Link: https://ro.qq.com/gicp/news/498/8099060.html https://ro.qq.com/gicp/news/498/8102123.html CBT Details CBT Server Opening: 17th September 2019 System: Android only Login Method: QQ account that obtain CBT pass. CBT Testing Period: TBA Download ROM:First Love App at: TapTap, Official QQ Group, WeChat CBT Winner Download Link. Note: Seems that this … Read moreROM: Love At First Sight (Tencent) CBT-Sept 2019

Ragnarok Mobile CBT – (Tencent)

Ragnarok Mobile CBT – (Tencent) Details: CBT Testing Date: 22nd Oct – 6th Nov 2018 CBT Qualification: First come first serve, registration will be close after reaching limit. (Not sure about the limit.) Server: Only 1 server/channel currently, Prontera. Character Slot: 2 Slot Language: Chinese App Download Link: https://www.taptap.com/app/145291 Sign-in Method: QQ & WeChat System: … Read moreRagnarok Mobile CBT – (Tencent)

Exchange Gifting (B Coin Credit) Guide

Exchange Gifting (B Coin Credit) Guide Update: 23nd Nov 2018 Exchange NPC = Market/ Auction/ B Cat Man Details: – After purchasing item from Exchange, if you have enough B Coin Credit [打赏积分] top-up reward point, you can choose 1 online friend to gift the item to your friend. – Gifting item minimum price is … Read moreExchange Gifting (B Coin Credit) Guide