C Grade Adventurer Rank Up Guide

↵ Adventurer Rank Guide List C Grade Adventurer Rank Up Guide Required: Adventurer Level 25 Unlock Title Rewards: Str+2 Int+2 Agi+2 Dex+2 Vit+2 Luk+2 Unlock Adventure Skill: Combat Skill III (Unlock 1 auto-fight skill slots) Board Leader Storage Expansion II (Get 20 slots for personal Stash) Dimensional Fracture (Unlock Ymir’s Notebook) Space Expansion (Get 20 Bag … Read moreC Grade Adventurer Rank Up Guide

Ragnarok Mobile CBT – (Tencent)

Ragnarok Mobile CBT – (Tencent) Details: CBT Testing Date: 22nd Oct – 6th Nov 2018 CBT Qualification: First come first serve, registration will be close after reaching limit. (Not sure about the limit.) Server: Only 1 server/channel currently, Prontera. Character Slot: 2 Slot Language: Chinese App Download Link: https://www.taptap.com/app/145291 Sign-in Method: QQ & WeChat System: … Read moreRagnarok Mobile CBT – (Tencent)