C Grade Adventurer Rank Up Guide

C Grade Adventurer Rank Up Guide

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C Grade Adventurer Rank Up Guide

Required: Adventurer Level 25

Unlock Title Rewards:

Unlock Adventure Skill:

  1. Combat Skill III (Unlock 1 auto-fight skill slots)
  2. Board Leader
  3. Storage Expansion II (Get 20 slots for personal Stash)
  4. Dimensional Fracture (Unlock Ymir’s Notebook)
  5. Space Expansion (Get 20 Bag slots)

Others Rewards:

  1. Unlock Prontera- Colored Contacts Shop (For changing eye color).
  2. Unlock Adventurer Bag Blueprint at Prontera Smile Shop.
  3. New Pet Capturing Tools for purchase.
  4. Unlock Pet Labor – Guild.


1. Receive quest from Adventurer Guild Officer – Kakaro at Prontera. (NPC located next to Adventurer Skill NPC)

2. Head to Payon, talk to NPC – Solo Took.

3. Have 1 million Zeny in your bag. (The quest will not take your 1 million Zeny.)

4. Obtain and activate Mentor License [導師資格證] in Adventurer Handbook.
– Start quest NPC: Little Kid at Payon  (Lower Left) – Green Quest Icon
– Use the Mentor License from bag to activate it.

5. Head to Payon Forest, talk to NPC – Katz Los.

6. Then a bunch of guys come attacking Katz Los, after that go check the fallen Katz Los.

7. Head to South of Payon.

8. Talk to Doctor Noya at nearby.

9. Find Archbishop Thomasville at Prontera, near the church.

10. Give 1000 Devil/ Evil Horn to Archbishop Thomasville at Prontera.

11. Follow the quest, head back to South Payon, talk to Doctor Noya.

12. Head to Geffen Underground, check Gail Norton’s Trials.

13. Kill / Participate killing 1 Doppelganger (MVP) at Underground Geffen.

14. Finish Endless Tower Floor 70!

15. Submit

1*Orc Claw
1*Dragon Scale

500*Necklace of Wisdom

16. Head to Payon, talk Solo Took to rank up!

Congratulation! Rank up to  C Grade Adventurer!