Star★ Monster List

Star★ Monster List Monster Name Level Map Appear Requirement Drops Male Thief Bug★ 20 Prt Sewer 2F Hit Thief Bug Egg, have chance to appear Oxygen Mask Recipe,Male Thief Bug Card,Male Thief Bug Scroll,Iron,Main Gauche[2],Mandragon Creamy★ 20 Lost Forest Directly appear Fancy Flower Recipe,Creamy Card,Fluff,Creamy Scroll,Honey,Wing Of Butterfly,Iron Hydra★ 23 Undersea Temple Directly appear Flu … Read moreStar★ Monster List

Hair Color List

Hair Color NPC Location NPC available at all town. NPC Icon at Mini Map: Hair Color List Hair Color Sample Require Material Green Dye Mats *1 【绿色染料】 Red Dye Mats *1 【红色染料】 Black Dye Mats *1 【黑色染料】 White Dye Mats *1 【白色染料】 Purple Dye Mats 【紫色染料】 Yellow Dye Mats 【黄色染料】 Blue Dye Mats 【蓝色染料】 Brown … Read moreHair Color List

Wedding Achievement

Wedding Achievement Wedding Registration available on 13rd March 2018 on official server. Wedding Ceremony start on 14th March 2018 (White Valentine Day). Wedding fashion info at link below!   →→ Wedding Fashion ←← Check out the White Valentine event info at link below! →→ EP3.5「Sakura Flower Wedding」- White Valentine ←← Achievement List  ?告白预行练习 [Love Confess Practice] … Read moreWedding Achievement

Exchange Gifting (B Coin Credit) Guide

Exchange Gifting (B Coin Credit) Guide Update: 23nd Nov 2018 Exchange NPC = Market/ Auction/ B Cat Man Details: – After purchasing item from Exchange, if you have enough B Coin Credit [打赏积分] top-up reward point, you can choose 1 online friend to gift the item to your friend. – Gifting item minimum price is … Read moreExchange Gifting (B Coin Credit) Guide