Star★ Monster List

Star★ Monster List Monster Name Level Map Appear Requirement Drops Male Thief Bug★ 20 Prt Sewer 2F Hit Thief Bug Egg, have chance to appear Oxygen Mask Recipe,Male Thief Bug Card,Male Thief Bug Scroll,Iron,Main Gauche[2],Mandragon Creamy★ 20 Lost Forest Directly appear Fancy Flower Recipe,Creamy Card,Fluff,Creamy Scroll,Honey,Wing Of Butterfly,Iron Hydra★ 23 Undersea Temple Directly appear Flu … Read moreStar★ Monster List

Thief Bug Male ★ 【玛勒盗虫★】Guide

Thief Bug Male ★ 【玛勒盗虫★】Guide Star Monster   Guide: Go to Prontera Sewer 1F or 2F. Search for Thief Bug Egg. After killing Thief Bug Egg will randomly spawn different type of Thief Bug. Kill Thief Bug Male ★ will randomly get 3 Mandragon item. Item: Mandragon Where to find Mandragon Item Guide here!      … Read moreThief Bug Male ★ 【玛勒盗虫★】Guide