Star★ Monster List

Star★ Monster List Monster Name Level Map Appear Requirement Drops Male Thief Bug★ 20 Prt Sewer 2F Hit Thief Bug Egg, have chance to appear Oxygen Mask Recipe,Male Thief Bug Card,Male Thief Bug Scroll,Iron,Main Gauche[2],Mandragon Creamy★ 20 Lost Forest Directly appear Fancy Flower Recipe,Creamy Card,Fluff,Creamy Scroll,Honey,Wing Of Butterfly,Iron Hydra★ 23 Undersea Temple Directly appear Flu … Read moreStar★ Monster List

Craft Color Dye Mats Guide

Craft Color Dye Mats Guide NPC Location: Morroc Little Girl NPC beside Tool Shop in Morroc Craft Color Dye Mats NPC Interface Translation   Color Dye Mats Required Materials Purple Dye Mats 2*Red Dye Mats 2*Blue Dye Mats 5000 zeny Brown Dye Mats 2*Red Dye Mats 2*Yellow Dye Mats 5000 zeny Black Dye Mats  1*Red … Read moreCraft Color Dye Mats Guide

Plant Location Guide, Dye (In progress)

Plant Location Guide Green Plant  Location: Prontera South Field, Prontera West Field, Prontera Maze, Goblin Forest, Mt. Mjolnir, Payon Cave 1F, Orc Village Drops: Green Dye Mats  Blue Plant  Location: Sunken Ship, Undersea Cave(Byalan Cave), Ant Cave, Payon Cave 1F Drops: Blue Dye Mats  Yellow Plant  Location: Ghost Ship, Goblin Forest, Morroc, Sograt Desert, Payon Cave 2F, Orc Dungeon Drops: Yellow Dye Mats   Red Plant  Location: Ant Cave … Read morePlant Location Guide, Dye (In progress)

Music Recorder/Player – Recover Battle Duration

Music Recorder/Player – Recover Battle Duration NPC Location: Prontera South Required Item: Music Disc from Event NPC (NPC at Prontera) Steps: 1. Talk to music recorder/player 2. Play song 3. A music icon will be floating above your character. Recovery battle duration buff is added. 4. Your character need to stay near the music recorder/player … Read moreMusic Recorder/Player – Recover Battle Duration