Guild Dungeon – Vahalla Ruin

Guild Dungeon – Vahalla Ruin

Guild Dungeon – Vahalla Ruin

Location: Guild Hall




  1. Guild Level 2
  2. Guild member join guild on previous week.
  3. Own 40 Silver Medal

Vahalla Ruin is a guild dungeon that can be enter with guild members. Each guild member require to give 40 Silver Medal to open 1 ruin gate, just need to submit once and gate will be open for the week till weekly reset.

Vahalla Ruin have 4 stages, level 40, 60, 80 and 100. Each door require 40 Silver Medal to open (Each party member need to pay 40 Silver Medal).

Each door require stated character level to open gate.
Use Silver Mdeal [银质勋章] to access Vahalla Ruin in Guild Hall. (Lv 100 Vahalla Ruin not yet release.)

After entering Vahalla Ruin, the ruin will have 5 Mini Boss / MVP awaiting inside. Each boss will give rewards accordingly after player kill it.

Player have chance to get Nibelungen Fragment[尼伯龙根碎片] after killing dungeon boss.

Nibelungen Fragment can used to compete rune quest and purchase fashion recipe, weapon fashion from guild npc.

Vahalla Ruin contain 3 MVP and 2 MINI. You can always help out other guild member after you finish the Vahalla ruins to get Friendship Proof , but will not get any loots.

Tips: Having a hard time in Vahalla? If you’re dying use Fly Wing! Boss will change target.

More info on Guild fashion ←

How to get Silver Medal:

  1. Daily Board Quest
  2. Endless Tower
  3. Cracks/Fissure
  4. 5x EXP Quest
  5. Guild Quest
  6. Training Ground.

China Server – Vahalla Ruin reset weekly at Monday, 5am (GMT+8).

SEA Server – Vahalla Ruin reset weekly at Monday, 5am (GMT+7).