Game Maintenance Bug (11th April)

Game Maintenance Bug (11th April)


Game Maintenance Updates (11th July)

Time: 11th July (6pm-6.30pm, GMT+8)

Compensation: 2 Mystery Box【神秘箱子】, 1 Food Bento【暖心料理】,1 Chain Laeding【锁链雷锭】


Fix unable to get Kafra’s Fortune Bag·Ruby .

Game Maintenance Bug (11th April)

Bug found after 11th April Game Maintenance


  1. Monster not affected by stone curse, frozen, stun, burn and silent debuff. (Already fixed)
  2. Unable to  get Kafra’s Fortune Bag·Ruby from NPC – Miu [美羽].
  3. When storage is full, unable to stack existing item in storage.
  4. After completing training ground, system message shown obtained Poring Coin is not double amount, but it actually did gave double amount of Poring Coin.