Trainee Chef Quest Guide

Trainee Chef Quest Guide

Trainee Chef Quest Guide

Guide on completing trainee chef quest.


  1. Obtain “Trainee Chef” Title.
  2. Increase 5 inventory slot.
  3. Obtain [Cook Book II], increase 10% success rate on cooking.

Requirement: Novice Chef, Cooking EXP 80

Unlock chef quest guide ←

Tips: Check chef rank and cooking EXP at Adventurer Book.


  1. Cook some dish first~
  2. This quest will appear when you can rank up to trainee chef.
  3. Receive trainee chef quest at royal cooking association.
  4. Bring 10,000 zeny and cook book along.
  5. Congratulation! You have become Trainee Chef.
  6. Unlock new recipe Adventurer Stir-Fry Meat.