Novice Chef Quest (Meat Skewer)

Novice Chef Quest (Meat Skewer)

Novice Chef Quest (Meat Skewer)

Guide on completing novice chef quest (Novice Meat Skewer).


  1. 5000 Zeny
  2. 1880 JOB EXP
  3. 3240 BASE EXP
  4. Entry Level Cooking Material Pack⋅II x 5

Requirement: Novice Chef

Unlock cooking quest guide ←

Tips: Check chef rank and cooking EXP at Adventurer Book.


  1. This quest will appear after unlocking cooking function.
  2. Get quest from Bisha at Royal Cooking Association.
  3. Give 2 Novice Meat Skewer [初心小肉串] to Bisha.
  4. Cook Novice Meat Skewer by opening cooking interface first by clicking the [Cook Book] in inventory.
  5. Select BBQ Cook Station, and select 1 meat (any meat), then start cooking.

    Novice Meat Skewer  = 1 Any Meat + BBQ Station.
  6. Report to Bisha.