New RO Server – Dream Sky (梦想天空)

New RO Server – Dream Sky (梦想天空)

New Mobile RO Server – Dream Sky (梦想天空) (China)

Region: China

New Server Name: Dream Sky 梦想天空

Release Date: 11th April 2019

Testing Server Release Date: 22nd March 2019, 12pm- 2pm

Release By: XinDong

Official Website:


New RO server- Dream sky will share the same APK as server RO – Eternal Love (China). Player have option to choose new server at login screen. All characters at old Eternal Love server will still be available.

Game Content

45 job available, 6 main job and 13 branch. 3rd job available.

EP1.0 – EP5.0 contents.

Wedding system available.

Another fresh start! ♥

New Server – Dream Sky Feature

1. Game available in 60 FPS.

2. Reduce battery consumption by 50%.

3. Better tutorial system.

4. PC emulator support multiple login.

5. Leveling speed x 3.

6. Fatigue duration decrease to 210 minutes.

New Server – Dream Sky Reward

1. Daily Login Reward

2. Daily Blessing & Gift

3. Daily Quest Reward

4. Commemorate Headgear
Player which have created character at original RO server- Eternal Love (China) before 19th Jan 2019 can receive 2 commemorate headgear.

Parallel World System

At 2nd Anniversary Official Live Stream, they mention about new server with parallel system.

This new RO server – Dream Sky will equip with parallel world system.

Rules will be apply to considerate old player welfare.

Some new server function will be separated into independent and sharing. Competitive element will be separated from old server.

Gameplay Release Timeline

Week 4: Battle Start

  • UFO CAT Event
  • GVG
  • MVP Battle

Week 8:

  • Kafra Battle
  • GVG Final Battle

Week 9:

  • Open parallel world – Meet, party and chat with friends at town. Mentorship
  • Parallel Gameplay System – Poring Battle, Rift, Training Ground, PVP room.

Week 11:

  • Oracle Dungeon (神谕副本)
  • Endless Tower Party – Party with players from another server is available.


The game is in Chinese language.

Check out other RO – Eternal Love version at bottom of post. English version is available but without the new features.


New Server Release Date on Main server: 11th April 2019
Game Language:  Chinese

Download Link:

Register at official website to get Gift Pack.

  1. Select country and enter phone number.
  2. Enter name and get an oracle card.
  3. Get friend to scan your QR code to get 1 [New Server Limited Gift Pack], maximum 1 pack.
  4. If friend successful join the assembly, you will receive extra 1 Gift Pack, maximum 3 pack.
  5. Enter phone number again at to check QR invitation progress.
  6. Gift pack code will be sent out to phone with redeem link before new server opening. Create character at new server to redeem gift pack.

Reach 1000k registration to get Drooping Morroc Headgear.

Testing App Info

New Server Release Date on Testing App: 22nd March 2019, 12pm- 2pm
Game Language:  Chinese
Eligibility: First come first serve, registration might close early if testing server access is full.

Download Link:

New server will be release at RO Testing App on 22nd March 2019, 12pm – 2pm. Player can register/ login without having beta key during the stated time. (Registration will be close when access is full.)

Testing app will have 5 new server event.

Event 1:

Reach level 10 at testing app before 22nd March, 2400 to get B Cat Voucher*30 and B Cat Feast Voucher*30 at official main server.

Register character at official main server [Dream Sky] or [Eternal Love] before 11th April, 2359 to receive reward. Reward will be sent out on 12th April 2019.
Make sure you sure the same account to register for both testing app and main RO app.

Event 2: Bug submission

Event 3: Daily Login Reward

22nd – 24th March: B Cat Coin*200, Mid Base EXP Potion*999, Mid Job EXP Potion*999

25th – 27th March: B Cat Coin*200, Large Base EXP Potion*999, Large Job EXP Potion*999

Reward will be sent out daily at 2pm via in-game mail, mail will be expired in 1 day.

Event 4: Endless Tower

Top first 6 player that reach the highest endless tower floor will receive all gacha fashion and headgear of the following month at testing app and main RO app.

Complete Endless Tower floor Reward

1 – 30 Floor: Each floor get Peak Shard*1

31 – 50 Floor: Each floor get 50,000 Zeny

51 Floor above: Each floor get 100,000 Zeny


Event 5: Top Up Return

During 22nd March – 10th April 2359,  all top up during this period including Premium card, Gift Pack, Zeny and B Cat Coin will be converted as B Cat Coin and rebate to player.

RO Testing App Rebate:

  1. Character at RO Testing App
    – After 11th April 2019, rebate 20 fold B Cat Coin to character that top up.
  2. Character at Main RO App
    – Before 11th April 2359, if same login account is used at main ro app, player can receive top up return at new server.
    If player do not own character at new server, player can get top up return at original server. (Must use same login account.)


All the event stated is for RO testing app.

Other RO – Eternal Love Version

Check out how to download English/Chinese/Korea version of Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love at guides below.

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    Release Year: 31st October 2018
    Language: English, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese & Chinese (Simplified)
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