Upgrade Equipment Info

Upgrade Equipment info Important Upgrade Info: Broken, have refine level, have enchantment (Cat/Mora), have enhancement and have extra card socket equipment can be upgraded, I~III upgrade level (when equipment is not upgraded to another entirely new equipment) will not affect the mentioned effect/given stats. – Broken equipment will stay broken after END upgrade. Upgrade (1st-3rd/4th … Read moreUpgrade Equipment Info

Magic Furnace Guide/Interface Translation

Magic Furnace Guide/Interface Translation Magic furnace can reset strengthen level, enchantment and remove equipped card. Magic Furnace Location Magic Furnace Interface Translation Requirement: Unequipped your equipment first to use the magic furnace. Note: Reset Strengthen Level will return all the zeny used during strengthen. Remove Card will remove the card from your equipment and place … Read moreMagic Furnace Guide/Interface Translation

Enhance Equipment Guide

Enhance/ Strengthen Equipment Guide Quest: Note: Maximum Equipment Enhance Level equal to your current Character Level. Guide: 1st Method: Open your Inventory/Bag. Select the 2nd Tab – Strengthen. Select your equipment from the left to enhance. You can check the increased stats and cost of strengthen. 2nd Method: Go to Prontera and look for Blacksmith … Read moreEnhance Equipment Guide