Bard (2nd Job) Skill Translation

Bard (2nd Job) Skill Translation Assassin Cross of Sunset 刺客的黄昏 Type Active Max Lv 10 Target Area Range 0 m Description Solo Song Skill. Increase AGI, % ASPD of surrounding melee party member in 4m radius during 30 seconds song performance. During skill duration, reduce Bard ~ SP every second. (Whip and Musical Instrument are … Read moreBard (2nd Job) Skill Translation

Bard quest

Bard Quest – Kill 300 Unlocked item: Magic Wand-Marin Quest Name: Kabbak (卡巴克) Location: Prontera Quest Guide: Give 5 Fly Wing. Kill 300 Yoyo. Give 30 Jellopy.   Unlocked item: Camouflage Scroll Quest Name: Goodrich (固特伊) Location: Izlude Quest Guide: Give Food Bento. Food list here. Kill 300 Skeleton Give 30 Memento.          

Glast Heim Minstrel Q&A Guide

Glast Heim Minstrel/ Bard Q&A Guide Glast Heim Minstrel/ Bard NPC Location Glast Heim Minstrel/ Bard Question and Answers Quest name: Dark Falls [黑暗降临支线] Unlocked Craftable Item: Forest Staff[1] [森林之杖[1]] Question 1. 普隆德拉的铁匠忽克连的师傅是谁? Answer: Hayward [哈沃德] Question  2. 在艾勒梅斯的故事中,艾勒梅斯的父亲陷入了哪个魔物的控制? Answer: The Dark Illusion [迷幻之王] Question  3. 在索罗丶图克的故事中,索罗丶图克的妻子叫什么名字? Answer: Korena 柯丽娜 Quest name: 施密特王支线 Unlocked Craftable Item: … Read moreGlast Heim Minstrel Q&A Guide