New RO SEA Server – Midnight Party

New RO SEA Server – Midnight Party

New Mobile RO Server – Midnight Party (SEA)

Region: SEA

New Server Name: Midnight Party

Release Date: 24th July 2019

Release By: XinDong

Google PlayStore Game APP: Link ←


New RO SEA server- Midnight Party will share the same APK as RO – Eternal Love (SEA). Player have option to choose new server at login screen. All characters at old Eternal Love server will still be available.

Game Content

EP1.0EP 5.0 contents.

Full EP5.0 detailed contents. ↓

Another fresh start! ♥

App Size

Version: 1.0.9
Date: 24th July 2019
App Size: 2.94GB

Parallel World System

China releases their new server – Dream Sky with parallel world. But no news regarding parallel world for SEA Midnight Party server yet. Here are some info on parallel world system.

Parallel world system rules is applied to considerate old player welfare. At 2nd Anniversary Official Live Stream, they mention about new server with parallel system.

Some new server function will be separated into independent and sharing. Competitive element will be separated from old server.

Pre-Register Event Reward

Event time: 24th July to 31st August
Be sure to collect new server “Midnight Party” reward at NPC – [Papalu] on Prontera Square after reaching Base Lv.12.
For the main server, we will send the rewards via the in-game mail.