Hairstyle Quest – Payon

Hairstyle Quest Location: Payon Quest Name: 狐狸小玉 Unlocked: Payon Hairstyle Freezing Trap Hairstyle(M), Ruwach Hairstyle(F) Requirement: Character Lv60 Quest Guide: Start quest at Junn the Alcoholic NPC. Follow the quest indicated and talk to NPC. Bring 1 Food Bento to Kim Nian. Talk again. Find Chang Huei NPC. Note: Naught Chowee NPC will have no … Read moreHairstyle Quest – Payon

Glast Heim Minstrel Q&A Guide

Glast Heim Minstrel/ Bard Q&A Guide Glast Heim Minstrel/ Bard NPC Location Glast Heim Minstrel/ Bard Question and Answers Quest name: Dark Falls [黑暗降临支线] Unlocked Craftable Item: Forest Staff[1] [森林之杖[1]] Question 1. 普隆德拉的铁匠忽克连的师傅是谁? Answer: Hayward [哈沃德] Question  2. 在艾勒梅斯的故事中,艾勒梅斯的父亲陷入了哪个魔物的控制? Answer: The Dark Illusion [迷幻之王] Question  3. 在索罗丶图克的故事中,索罗丶图克的妻子叫什么名字? Answer: Korena 柯丽娜 Quest name: 施密特王支线 Unlocked Craftable Item: … Read moreGlast Heim Minstrel Q&A Guide

Goblin★- Dummy Ray Gun Quest Guide

Goblin★ – Dummy Ray Gun Quest Guide Hunt Goblin ★ Monster Required item: Dummy Ray Gun 【变傻光线枪】 Obtain from Fun Tool Shop 【惊奇玩具】- available at Town Weird Goblin Quest NPC quest giver: Goblin Forest 【哥布林森林】, 【尼克】 The quest taken will look like below: Hunting begin! 1. Look around at Goblin Forest 【哥布林森林】for goblin that keep popping … Read moreGoblin★- Dummy Ray Gun Quest Guide